Subhog Organics

Client Brief: -

Subhog Organics is in organic oil producer. The seeds are acquired from farmers following organic farming methods. These seeds mostly are obtained during the season but also during off-season. During off-season seeds are obtained majorly from warehouses owned and maintained by farmers, and also by client. These seeds do not have universal quality as poor storage can cause damage and deteriorate quality.

Challenges at client’s-end –


The factory has combination of automated and manual processes which makes entire production process complicated and highly unpredictable. Client faced following major challenges in handling supply chain.

  • Changing factory output posed extreme difficulties in balancing supply against demand.
  • Client was unable to calculate exact cost of production of very output.
  • Identification of suppliers delivering best, good or bad quality was almost impossible.
  • Delay in transportation, time consumed in grading and cleaning processes jumbled factory output regularly.
  • Stock management of by-products, final products and animal feed produced at the end of processing was done on the basis of quantity only. Comparative analysis of supplies was not possible.

Solution –

Intelligent Factory Management software was designed and installed at factory to resolve all the major issues of the client. This software maintains a track of every supply along with details of farmers, area, warehouse and time involved in waste removal. It also maintains a reverse tracking of final output, by product and animal feed production linking it with supply parameters.


Benefits –

  • User on the basis of grading values is able to assess expected output from lot in the process. This gives him leverage to order more quantity from fields if output is expected to be less because of low quality of seeds. System also allows him to maintain proper inventory of raw seeds and maintain factory output stable by eliminating idle hours in wait for raw material supplies.
  • User is able to order seeds as per his need. Seeds that produce less oil but higher volume of animal feed or vice versa can be ordered accordingly.
  • Quality supplies can be categorized clearly and precisely.
  • Stock of final product, animal feed and by-products is managed accurately up to last kilogram or litre.
  • User gets exact cost of production with proper assessment of variable cost centres like labour, transportation etc.

Technologies used –

Dotnet MVC, SQL server, Jquery, Javascript


This is bunch of highly committed and dedicated professionals, devoted to quality work. I would recommend them any time and wish great success.

Piyush, Spice Tourism


Thanks to the team, our work is lot more organized and free from duplicate efforts. I am impressed with the manner in which they take up the work and execute it. Good Job Guys!

Dr. Dinesh Mathur


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