V. S. Organic Products

Client Brief: -

Client is in Organic grain production obtaining raw organic grains through contractual organic farming. Client receives raw food items through road transport mainly, which is stored in warehouses at different locations. The raw food items, as and when demand comes, are brought to factory for processing where during and after processing it is packed for supplies. Client has e-commerce website for selling as well as kiosks and retail showrooms for direct selling.


Challenges at client’s-end –

Solution –

We provided a robust solution to V.S. Organic products for managing entire supply chain smoothly with following features.

  • We connected farmers, factory, head office, transport vehicles, showrooms, kiosks and warehouses through a highly functional, fast and secured WebApp.
  • The entire activity can be seen by client and his core team over their smartphones.
  • System requires minimum feeding and is made very easy to use but safe, for even layman like farmer to use comfortably.


Benefits –

  • Farmers are connected through an app with production and operation department. Through App they can now post a video of initially processed raw material lying in farm ready to be shipped to factory. The video gives a clear picture to production department about state of grains, and if production department needed more processing at farm level they are able give instant instructions through a verbal message before material gets loaded.
  • Transport vehicles are connected with operation department through the same app with location tracking. Any delays in transportation due to weather, breakdown, road blocks etc. flash through entire system giving real time update.
  • Transport vehicles are now guided exactly to the place where client wants grains to be unloaded and store. These places can be any of the warehouses chosen on the basis of convenience and availability of space, or factory premises if these grains are to be processed immediately to fulfil urgent demand.
  • Once raw grains are available production planning department flash a specific date in the system on which ready stock would be available.
  • In congruence with supply department client can update showroom manager, kiosk manager and other managers over different selling points about exact date they will receive the products in demand.
  • Installation of this system has also enabled real time update about status of stock of any particular item over every storage area, warehouse, showroom store, kiosk store or factory.
  • This system also allows store to store transfer to maintain minimum stock level at every selling point.
  • Over e-commerce website now client is able to flash exact date of availability of out of stock items.

Technologies used –

Dotnet MVC, Angular, Python, Sql server, javascript, Jquery and React Native


This is bunch of highly committed and dedicated professionals, devoted to quality work. I would recommend them any time and wish great success.

Piyush, Spice Tourism


Thanks to the team, our work is lot more organized and free from duplicate efforts. I am impressed with the manner in which they take up the work and execute it. Good Job Guys!

Dr. Dinesh Mathur


We were looking for a partner that has zeal to do quality work. Our website was not easy as there were many aspects attached to our online presence. The project manager of Munshi Technologies not only helped us out in streamlining our thoughts but executed the plan beyond our expectations. Great professional wish them all success.

Management Army Public School