Online Auction Management

Client Brief: -

Client runs one of the leading firms in Rajasthan for Vehicle Finance. The vehicles withdrawn from buyer due to non-repayment of loan are auctioned later to recover the loan amount. Getting people to participate in large numbers increases chances of fruitful auction, but to manage people at one place and time physically is difficult and most of the time participants were in very low numbers. How to sell used vehicles to make better recovery was major concern of the client.


Challenges at client’s-end –

The major challenge was to get more and more people to participate in auction, but along with this there were other challenges too.

  • To pass timely information to all keen participants about time and place of auction.
  • Update participants about vehicles that are available for auction including models etc.
  • Get approval of participants.
  • Select time and place which is suitable to most of the participants.
  • Grade participants on the basis of successful purchase and frequency of bidding.
  • To maintain profile of every buyer so that they can be invited to most suitable auctions.

Solution –

We developed an App for the client with certain features that not only resolved existing challenges also gave him more control over his entire Auction process. The App was developed in Hybrid technology so that both Android and Iphone users can use it.


Benefits –

Online Auction Management system was installed at client’s end which was run by congruence of the App and Backoffice management system. The backoffice management system provides past data and current data of available vehicles for auction. It also provides a dashboard to manage auction online.

  • Invitations are sent online with time details.
  • Invitations are sent according to buyer profile so that aggressive bidding takes place and maximum number of bids is placed in each Auction.
  • Participants can check all the details of vehicle, see its image, and place their bid.
  • Auction manager manages entire auction sitting at office.
  • Online system enables large number of participants.
  • Successful bidders are updated online.
  • Successful bidder can pay initial amount for confirmation online.
  • No necessity to bring vehicles to auction place.
  • Automatic update of every auction with vital details.

Technologies used –

Dotnet with MVC, React native, Python, SQL server


This is bunch of highly committed and dedicated professionals, devoted to quality work. I would recommend them any time and wish great success.

Piyush, Spice Tourism


Thanks to the team, our work is lot more organized and free from duplicate efforts. I am impressed with the manner in which they take up the work and execute it. Good Job Guys!

Dr. Dinesh Mathur


We were looking for a partner that has zeal to do quality work. Our website was not easy as there were many aspects attached to our online presence. The project manager of Munshi Technologies not only helped us out in streamlining our thoughts but executed the plan beyond our expectations. Great professional wish them all success.

Management Army Public School