Prakrat Organics

Client Brief: -

Client sells pulses through a dealer network spread across entire North India region. Dealers give their demands on phone or through email and expect delivery date right then. Client’s request was to provide a system that helps in maintaining just right amount of ready stock in his own warehouse and efficient system to manage cost-effective transportation. Excess inventory blocks capital whereas low inventory results in failure to deliver on time


Challenges at client’s-end –

  • Just like any other Inventory management client was facing major problem due to excess and low inventory.
  • Dealers demands were unpredictable and delay in delivery resulted in sale loss.
  • Filling warehouse with ready stock needs time which was proving very painful most of the times.
  • Transportation was moving to and fro over same destinations once to pick and again to drop stock adding extra cost.
  • Warehouse was either too loaded or too light to meet demands.

Solution –

We provided client with a local application interacting with a database that also served as repository for one App built in hybrid technology.


Benefits –

  • Client was working in this trade for last 10 years. We collected the data and fed it in our system. Last 10 years of data gave us demand pattern of most of the dealers. Few dealers added recently were also taken in the pattern of dealers in nearby location or on the basis of similarity of region. Application had profile of dealers and their demand pattern based on past and recent records. Utilizing this pattern our system is able to give approximate demand for coming month to user.
  • Dealers were asked to download App and send their demands through it. Demand order on App allowed data to pass in the system without human intervention.
  • Once demands were predictable, transportation was managed according to supply timetable. Vehicles going for delivery were managed to pick stock from on-the-way locations which reduced cost substantially.
  • With demand approximation, picking up ready grains from farmers and suppliers became smooth and well-managed, and avoided surplus or low inventory situations

Technologies used –

Dotnet MVC, SQL server, Jquery, Javascript


This is bunch of highly committed and dedicated professionals, devoted to quality work. I would recommend them any time and wish great success.

Piyush, Spice Tourism


Thanks to the team, our work is lot more organized and free from duplicate efforts. I am impressed with the manner in which they take up the work and execute it. Good Job Guys!

Dr. Dinesh Mathur


We were looking for a partner that has zeal to do quality work. Our website was not easy as there were many aspects attached to our online presence. The project manager of Munshi Technologies not only helped us out in streamlining our thoughts but executed the plan beyond our expectations. Great professional wish them all success.

Management Army Public School